HangerMate MP (Multi-Purpose) Anchors: End-Drilled Head for 1/4" Rod, Shipper of 300
HangerMate MP (Multi-Purpose) Anchors: End-Drilled Head for 1/4" Rod, 1 Shipper 300 HangerMate anchors (6 boxes of 50) per shipper. 1/4-10 x 2" multi-purpose anchor with special threads for steel, wood or concrete and self-drilling point for steel. For inline/vertical installation of 1/4-20 threaded rod into steel, wood or concrete.

HangerMate anchors are solid, one-piece, cold formed and machined anchors, so the heads will not spin off. Each head is precision drilled and tapped.

In wood or steel, install anchors with HFZE215 HangerMate Standard Drive Socket. In concrete, install anchors with appropriate drill bit and HFZE220 HangerMate drive sleeve.SKU: HFZG910B $127.10
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