7/32" X 5-1/2" ARTU Drill Bit
7/32" X 5-1/2" drill bit with cobalt and tungsten carbide tip for exceptional performance when drilling in concrete, marble, tile, plaster and other masonry materials. For rotary or percussion drilling - can be used in cordless or corded drills or drill presses.

Special negative back grinding enables the tip to bore through materials with a filing action rather than a cutting action. No center punch required; eliminates "walking". Can be resharpened on a high-quality grinding wheel. Made from chrome vanadium steel for the maximum blend of flexibility and hardness.

Perfect for installing #14 and 1/4" fasteners up to 2-3/4" long. For rotary or percussion drilling. Can be used in cordless or corded drills or drill presses.SKU: D5-18Y $5.85
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