Hurripanel Products: Ike-Tested and Approved!

September, 2008: Hurricane Ike Strikes Galveston Bay, but
“Thanks to Hurripanel, I still have a home.”

A Hurripanel customer, whose San Leon home faces Galveston Bay, shares his photos and story.

Hurricane Ike Hurricane Ike damage Hurricane Ike damage
Before the storm: “(This) photo shows the debris that was in my yard at 5:00 PM Friday, September 12, many hours before the hurricane hit. You can see the top of my boat house which is at the end of a 300-foot pier.” After the storm: “You can see where some of the debris broke through my patio handrails and was beating against my French doors and windows. Thanks to the Hurripanels there was no damage to any of the windows or doors.

All of my neighbors’ homes on the waterfront were destroyed or suffered extensive damage. The only damage to my home was the handrails you see in the photos and a few shingles on the roof. Thanks to the Hurripanels I still have a home.”

Jim Miller
Another customer writes:
“Last year’s hurricane season was exasperating in more ways than one. Although we can’t control Mother Nature, Jerry and I realized there must be a better alternative to cutting and installing plywood to secure our home. We’ve found that solution thanks to our neighbors Beverly and Robert. Our Hurripanel window coverings are ready to install quickly and easily without the pain.”

R & J, Friendswood, TX
Large window covered with storm panels Aluminum H-channels allow larger openings to be covered securely and easily. Connector/Union Installation Instructions
front of house protected with hurricane storm panels
Storm Panels: The Plywood Buster!

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