Certified Hurricane Storm Panels/Shutters

A superior alternative to plywood, our heavy-duty plastic hurricane storm panels will protect your home or business during hurricanes and strong tropical storms. Aluminum connectors/unions are available to cover openings larger than the panel size.

We supply: GE Lexan clear panels • Polygal polycarbonate panels

Price shown is per square foot. Panels can be custom-cut for an additional price. (Note: Custom-cut panels must be pre-paid. No returns. Tolerance of 1/8" of customer-provided measurements.) Read what other customers have to say about Hurripanel storm protection systems: the Plywood Buster!

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List of Certified Installers (Galveston/Houston area) • Connector/Union Installation Instructions

Polycal hurricane storm panels

Polygal Clear Polycarbonate Hurricane Storm Panels / Shutters

These heavy-duty clear, corrugated plastic panels let light in while protecting your windows and doors. Meet tough hurricane standards.


Price for clear panels is $7.50 per square foot. FOB Houston, TX. Bronze/ice panels available for an extra $0.50 per square foot.



TDI Report #SHU-142 and SHU-155 (Polygal, Inc.)

Uncut sizes (feet):
Model W L
Polygal SG
No. R4
4' 8'
Polygal SG
No. R6
6' 8'
View test details and results
(1.5MB PDF) per ASTM E300, E1886 and E1996, by an independent, Miami-Dade County certified laboratory

GE Lexan Storm Panel GE Lexan Storm Panels on store

GE Lexan Logo GE Lexan XL-10 Hurricane Storm Panels: 17.5" x 102"

These high-quality, lightweight, heavy-duty clear panels let the light in while protecting your windows and doors. Can stay up for a long period without your business or home appearing closed/abandoned. Provides four times the impact resistance of a 1/2" plywood. Meet tough hurricane standards.

Panels mount only on top and bottom — no reinforcements or side bolting required.


Price: $12.00 per square foot. FOB Houston, TX.

Item No.: G17

Hurripanel also carries a full line of fasteners to mount your panels including female (flush) anchors and male (protruding) anchors.

These panels are designed for use during the hurricane and not for prolonged periods. To maximize the life of your panels, uninstall as quickly after the hurricane passes as safety will allow, and store properly. This will extend the life of your panels, giving you many seasons of use. They will not rot or warp, unlike plywood.

Hurripanel™ Fasteners is not responsible for any collateral damage sustained by the home or business due to either misuse of the product or any unforeseen or extraordinary natural occurrence or other act of God.

Our systems have been Hurricane Ike “tested and approved.” See actual photos and read the story!

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Our line of hurricane panels/shutters, anchors and other hurricane protection products can also be found at: KEMAH Hardware, 1027 HWY 146, Kemah TX 77565, 281-334-1586.

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