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Our aluminum H channels ease coverage over large openings and windows with narrow spans between them. Used to join 16mm panels or 5/8" plywood. Also allows the use of cutoffs.

Connector/Union Installation Instructions

Storm Panel Connector

K5Y Aluminum Unions,3" Square, Set of 3

Can be installed over, under or in the middle of openings in brick, wood, stucco or hardiplank surfaces.

Size: L 3"x W 3"

Price: $11.69

Weight: .75 lbs.

Storm Panel Connector

K5HY 'Storm Panel Connector/Union: White Aluminum, 8' Length

Allows secure coverage and protection of oversized doors and windows up to 84". Can be installed over, under or in the middle of openings in brick, wood, stucco or hardiplank surfaces.

Size: L 96.0"x W 3.25"x H 0.7"

Price: $65

Weight: 15 lbs.


These unions were thoroughly tested, per ASTM E300, E1886 and E1996, by an independent, Miami-Dade County certified laboratory. TDI approval documentation is pending.


Protection For Your Valuables During A Storm

Hurricane/Tornado Hutch
Hurricane Hutch logo

Hurricane Hutch

The Hurricane Hutch is specifically designed to withstand debris strikes associated with nature's fiercest storms while protecting your valuables. Its 7 cubic feet interior can hold your most precious items you have to leave behind during an evacuation such as photos, heirlooms, china, jewelry, important personal documents, computers, etc.

The Hurricane Hutch is the ONLY safe ever to be tested by Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. It passed all tests, including include the Dade County test, debris strikes associated with CAT-5 and F-4 tornadoes, which simulates 250 mph debris strikes. Made entirely from 10-gauge steel plate, this unit is proudly hand-welded in a USA facility. The Hurricane Hutch is custom-painted in blue or green. The handsome unit is bolted down into your concrete slab using ten 1/2" x 5" bolts, the same ones used in U.S. military applications and rated to withstand over 100,000 pounds of pulling pressure

See news coverage of the Hurricane Hutch (9.4MB .avi file - best viewed in QuickTime or VLC media player.)


Dimensions: 30"L x 22"H x 20"W
Material: 10 gauge powder coated cold rolled steel
Capacity: 7+ cubic feet
Anchors: 10 concrete fasteners

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